100 days in London.

A Set of Postcards. A practical semester report. 2012

No wad of money, but a pack of experience.


Create a practical semester report that reflects your experience during the 6 months.


The special thing about my practical semester was that it took place in a foreign country at a different Design culture. And on a journey I love to send postcards to report from new experiences. So the idea became obvious: 1 Postcard for one day in London.


Every Card shows on the front a drawing, a photograph or a project I worked on while my time in London. On the back there's always a deeper explanation of the picture shown up front. Out of that concept several illustration series occured (see other projects on the portfolio).
No Wad of Money, but a pack of experience. A practical semester report in form of a Set of Postcards. 2012
No Wad of Money, but a pack of experience. A practical semester report in form of a Set of Postcards. 2012
Example of the Cider Series who become the illustration of the "week"-Cards. View of Front- and Backpage. 2012
Examples of Designs for projects (Library invitation for children, Poster for Community Garden celebration and Logo development) 2012.
Examples of photographs made in London (Streetart, London Olympics, Tate gallery) 2012.
Examples of drawing series used for the Cards (Fineliner, pencil and Coat of arms) 2012.
Example of "Greyhound competition entry". For the side wall of a local pub a Design was needed. This was our entry: A wall of printed murals, showing different pictures of inhabitants and in a bigger measure completing to become a picture of a greyhound, the name of the pub. We won this contest and the mural will be build in Sydenham, London. 2012
Example of another project: A cycle Shop needed a new shop front design, Corporate design and Layout for their roller shutter. Illustration of a horse on a wheel like the owner's favourite brand Holdsworth. 2012
The first agency I worked for, Designed by good people needed a new Corporate Design. This was one of the ideas, as their leading power is to "not harm people, planet or pocket". This also shows an idea for a contact card, that can be recycled. They stamp their contact details on old pieces of Paper etc. and after implementing them, the receiver can throw it away.
Idea for two trashy shops at the high street. Two houses further there's a lovely bookstore, so the idea was to pile up a bunch of old books and use it as an interdisciplinary ad.