Land of the poets and thinkers.

Illustration Series for event posters of "Akademie für gesprochenes Wort" 2013


Illustrate a series of poets, thinkers or authors for an event poster series of the "Akademie für gesprochenes Wort", who often create lectures and events around living or dead authors. Free choice of authors, genres and technique.


Instead of just portrait the author, the illustration tries to interprete the person's character or work within a detail to set the portrait apart from classic portraiture.


In the end the series was used on Postcards, posters and online promotion. Always with the focus on the speciality of the bespoken author. The postcards become collectible items, as the technique show a red line without leaving the impression of every authors uniqueness out of the game.
Ernest Hemingway as Sailor. The old man and the sea. Author illustration series 2013
Wladimir Kaminer. Gorbatschow mark for the author of "Russian Disco". Author illustration series 2013
Max Goldt with a mischievous wisp of hair as an interpretation of his unique mischivous humour. Author illustration series 2013
Friedrich Nitzsche as Rebell. A portrait of a master, who went a bit crazy. Author illustration series 2013
Serdar Semouncu muzzled for being the snappiest author of Germany. Author illustration series 2013
Jean-Paul Sartre as Dandy. Inspired by his unique view on women. Author illustration series 2013
Poster & Postcard of the Sartre event in the final exposure.