for Image campaign Bench. 2014

The main element of the Bench. T/Shirt Confessions are the people who opened up and let us see some of their very own details that make them unique.

Every interview in the book not only displayed their answers, but also showed an illustration portraying them with fine lines and lot of details to reflect the details they exposed in their answers.

The best or most interesting quote of every one of them became their headline and six of them even made it to become statement-T/Shirts of the accompaigning Limited Edition (see photos inbetween).

Additionally Bench and I collected some of our favourite quotes to place them inbetween the interviews. Just something to make the reader smile, think or just gives a break. So enjoy ;)

The Bench. T/Shirt Confessions 2014 - campaign Logo
Damien elroy Vignaux, art director, photographer, director. Berlin 2014
t/shirt damien.
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.1, "I should stop imagining everything in pictures straight away"
Camilla Stoorgard, photographer, Berlin 2014.
t/shirt camilla.
Polly, singer/songwriter of the band KREUZOST, Berlin 2014. "I have a boyfriend, but I truly find you beautiful"
t/shirt polly.
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.2.
Koljaaa, singer, 2014. "1/4 Portugese, 1/4 Swiss, 1/8 Densk and 1/4 Prussian."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.3.
Christian Hoffmann, designer of T/Shirts, own leather good label. 2014. "Can I have the Lamborghini also in mulit-coloured and striped…?"
Maurice Gajda, host, anchorman at, 2014.
t/shirt maurice.
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.4.
Oliver Rath, provocative photographer, Berlin 2014. "I am welcome anytime."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.5.
David Kurt Karl Roth, Part one of the Men's fashion blog DANDYDIARY, 2014. "Everyone who is wearing a sweatpants, has lost the control of his life."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.6.
Anna Juliana Jänner, actress, Berlin 2014.
t/shirt anna
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.7.
Philipp Röder, musician, singer, producer, 2014. "You should not imitate anyone."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.8.
Tigeress DJs, Berlin 2014. "Yes, it´s true, vegans taste better."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.9.
Timm Tollwut, part one of the DJ Duo FRUITYMAN. 2014. "Hey girl, I could be your father."
Aloun Phetnoi, dancer/choreographer, Munich, 2014. "Better being poor, than loose an arm." (German saying, arm =poor)
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.10.
DJ Freez, DJ/Producer/Promoter PANDAPARTYS, Munich, 2014. "I wasn´t shaped, I was conceived."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.11.
Isabelle Vinet, actress, Berlin 2014. "No…hmmmm…well…still no."
Tino Mewes, actor and singer/musician for his Band LADO, Berlin 2014.
t/shirt tino.
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.12.
Hazel Brugger, theater author/satiric/editor, Switzerland, 2014. "Apocalypse without Hollywood".
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.13.
Anastasia Zampounidis, presenter/former VJ at MTV Germany, Berlin 2014. "You wouldn't eat a kittycat, no would you? Go Vegan."
Favourite Quote of Bench. No.14.
Marc "the hat" Huttenlocher, Account Manager Digital Music/drummer at his band BENZIN, 2014. "Make Love."
Ilinca Apolzan, Online Media Coordinator, Munich 2014. "Oh god, do you remember…?"
Kal Lavelle, singer/songwriter/promoter, London 2014.