for children and parents to learn about healthy food.


Create an App of your favourite childhood book, but not only translate it into the digital world, make it a real add to the story.


As I couldn´t decide for a story, I created a new one: HAL the fridge with his loveable inhabitants. Today most kids don't know anything about what healthy food means and what are the strengths they get from different types of food. So the food gets character(s).


The child can help every character in an episode to solve a problem or experience an adventure with him. There is the milk family on the middle fridge "floor": Papa and Mama Milk, Grandma Cheese and the young Yogi (Yoghurt). At the freezer you find the uber-fat pig who had lost its friends and wishes for no more to get healthy again to ski with them again through the fridge…and so on.

As a child needs a time routine when brought to bed, the parents got a "ZZZ"-Button to let the app end after next episode. So they can control how long the stories go. The children get a success experience every time they could help one of the characters and learns in a playful way how friendships are made, what healthy food is and their phantasy can grow with the next look into the fridge.

Here you can see a part of the final project presentation - an introduction to three characters: Yoghi, the Yoghurt; the Kung-Pow-chicken, who can only pow; and the fatblind pig who misses his friends, because he can not ski with them anymore due to his overweight.