A cookbook of a different kind.


What is a hero of the everyday life and how can we visually enhance it? Examples for heros were e.g. water – you use it everyday, you consist of it, but noone really acknoledges it as a hero of the every day. My hero became spices and developed to the spice of life, because of its unique character.


Coming from the original theme spices, a cookbook was the right thing to do for me.


6 weeks for finding a theme and creative practices. 6 weeks for concept, shootings, illustrations, interviews and realisation of the complete book for printing. This is the cookbook for the spice of life. What makes your day sweeter & more lifeworthy?

The cookbook displays the individual life recipes of 20 lovely people, who were so kind to answer honestly to my questions and let me illustrate them with their spice. In the final book you can see everyone of them with their own double page, showing their recipe, the ingredients and the reason they stand up every day - their Spice of life. You can learn something about where they come from and what they are up to in life. And you can see everyone of them individually staged with their very own Spice of life - as an illustration, made-up/concepted photo or collage.