We and the society - a monothematic Editorial Design project.

Concept and Realisation of a monothemed Magazine with the theme „Manners“. Everybody choose a different direction whom they want to approach with what kind of sub-theme.


For me it is necessary to be informed about what happens in the world, but I was bored by most of the information, cause it only showed me one side of the coin. So the Magazine »WE – we and the society « was born and supposed to become a new Protest Magazine. In the first issue it asks „Are there still manners in economy?“ A younger target group (20-40 years) should get informations about current issues from society and culture, as well as politics and economy, so they can finally have a say.


A 132-pages Magazine in the big Format of 280 x 376 mm, filled with interesting articles and features about issues like Water business, banks, clothing industries etc. tells about the wheelings and dealings of economy and people, who fight against it. To fulfill the idea of getting a complete information about an issue, it shows always an article and an article about the same issue from the opposite perspective. So the reader gets the facts and all information to make his own mind.